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Our Story

The craziness behind the Grow n Glow Boutique!


So you liked our Facebook page, followed us on Instagram, you laughed or cried at our posts, maybe had a look at what exactly is it that we are designing and creating. I bet you are now wondering who is behind the Grow n Glow Boutique. Well, let's tell you our story!


Hi! My name is Lajla, I am the owner of Grow n Glow Boutique, a designer and creator, a busy mum of two cheeky little monkeys and I like to think I am a pretty good wife to my husband - though he might disagree! :)

Grow n Glow Boutique is a small family business born in the craziness of one family home in beautiful Brisbane, Australia, with the desire to offer stylish maternity and breastfeeding clothing and accessories for beautiful mums and unique silicone and wooden teethers for active little bubs. 

The idea of opening my own boutique started brewing in my head in 2013 when I was pregnant with my daughter. Almost every attempt at shopping for maternity wear ended up with an empty shopping basket and with sheer frustration at the fact that it was almost impossible to find stylish clothes for the growing bump without it costing a small fortune. 

Once my daughter was born, I found it was even more difficult to find nursing friendly tops and dresses. Wearing a singlet under tops to be able to comfortably feed without my muffin top peaking out to say hello to the world did not sound appealing in a hot Queensland summer! And feeding under a cover... well my daughter told me very clearly what she thought of it by screaming at the top of her lungs! Who could blame her!

However, being an over thinker (and a big chicken) I never felt brave enough to take the leap and start my very own business.

...until falling pregnant and having my son in 2017 when all the frustration of the limited choice of wardrobe during those pregnant months and after birth returned!

As life would have it, circumstances that resulted in one door closing in my professional career, opened up a new opportunity which lead to Grow n Glow Boutique being born. 
So me being a crazy Croatian, I decided to embark on this roller coaster of a journey whilst on maternity leave and with a 4 year old and a newborn at home. Do I sleep much? Nope, sleep deprivation is my middle name. Do I have a minute to myself? If you mean taking a second to have a sip of water - yep I have some me time. Like writing this introduction right now - I am typing it up with one hand while holding my 6 month old in one arm as he is trying to grab the laptop and our chocolate lab puppy licking my leg (yes I am that crazy that we also got a puppy at the same time of going from one child to two and opening my own business. Who knew toilet training a puppy is hard work!!).
Would I have it any other way? Absolutely not. Love every minute of it. Except the poops and the spews. Not a big fan of those.

We are very proud to offer you silicone and wooden accessories, designed and made by Grow n Glow. We are also very excited to be able to show you our very own maternity and breastfeeding clothing line in the very near future. We designed it ourselves! Our beautiful clothes is designed so it can be worn post birth and long after your breastfeeding journey has ended.

The silicone beads and bangles have been tested and are compliant with the Australian standard AS/NZS 8124.3 (migration of certain elements), therefore safe for little fingers to keep them occupied whilst feeding (for those moments when your baby just has to look behind him in the middle of the feed leaving your boob out for the world to see!).
Our silicone teethers have been tested and are compliant under the Australian standard AS/NZS 8124.1 (physical and mechanical properties), therefore safe for those little gums.

Being a passionate babywearer, I strongly believe in the benefits of carrying your baby close for both mum and the baby, and I am proud to be able to offer you in the near future some of the best baby carriers and wraps out there as well. 

Stick around, sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on us because we have so much more in plans!

We hope you join us on our crazy journey while we do our best to stay sane at the same time. 

Much love!